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Picnic in Nature

Pendleton County Convention & Visitors Bureau

Campsites & RV's

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You don't need wi-fi

to find a great connection.

Spend a night under the stars in some of the darkest skies you will ever see. Camp at the top of a mountain, alongside a waterfall or just pitch a tent, hook up an RV or even try one of Experience Learning’s Yurts, Pendleton County has accommodations for every type of camper! Explore some of our favorite recommendations.

Camping with RV
Camp Fire
Laughing Kids

Big Bend Campground

12 Prowler Dr, Cabins, WV 26855



Brandywine Lake Campground

Rte 33, Brandywine, WV 26802

(866) 904-0240


Cave Country Camping

U.S. Hwy 220, Franklin, WV 26807

(304) 358-7553

Fontinalis Farms and Campground

Route 28, Circleville, WV

(304) 614-5709


Hickory Hill Cabins & RV Park

136 Lincoln Ln, Franklin, WV 26807

(304) 668-4486

Seneca Shadows Campground

WV-28, Seneca Rocks, WV 26884

(304) 567-3082


Spruce Knob Lake Campground

Route 1, Whitmer, WV 26296

(304) 567-3082


Yokum’s Vacationland Campground

24570 Mountaineer Dr, Seneca Rocks, WV 26884

(304) 567-2351

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