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Pendleton County Convention & Visitors Bureau

About Us

The Pendleton County Convention & Visitors Bureau (PCCVB) proudly promotes & supports the beauty of Pendleton County, the surrounding areas & West Virginia. The PCCVB recognizes the value of tourism to support our businesses & organizations, and we strive to preserve our rich heritage & traditions. PCCVB markets Pendleton County’s tourism related businesses, historic sites, lodging facilities & recreation areas through an advertising campaign.

Pendleton County Convention & Visitors Bureau, West Virginia


Officers (Executive Committee)

Chairperson: Lindsay Kazarick

Vice Chairperson: Sam Wood

Secretary/Treasurer: Annie Humes

Executive Director: Amber Nesselrodt

Board of Directors: Melinda Brooks, Kim Kirk, Janice Lantz, Jeff Munn, Cory Thomas, Katie Vanmeter & Sam Yokum

Pendleton County, West Virginia

Pendleton County, West Virginia was founded in 1787 by the Virginia General Assembly from portions of Augusta, Rockingham and Hardy Counties. The land area is comprised of 698 square miles. Of that, 29% is Monongahela and George Washington National Forest.

Pendleton County is home to Spruce Knob, the highest point in West Virginia and the Alleghenies at 4,863’. It is also home to the lowest point in the state, down at the bottom of Seneca Caverns. Seneca Rocks, one of West Virginia’s most recognized natural landmarks, is also found in Pendleton County.

Franklin is the county seat. It was established in 1794 and is comprised of 358 acres. According to the 2022 Census, 6,011 people live in Pendleton County with 721 residing in Franklin.

Home to two Mon Forest Towns – Franklin & Seneca Rocks.

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